Membership Information

Open to anyone interested in participating and being active members of the Indian-American community in the Southern Tier area.

Your membership supports the high quality events and programs throughout the year, including these popular events:

  • Spring Festival (April)

  • India Day (August)

  • Diwali Celebration (October/November)

In addition to these signature events, STICA also holds many smaller events throughout the year to bring the community together and build lasting friendships! In the past we have held Yoga Classes, Educational Sessions, and Indian Movie Nights.

While the events hosted by STICA are extremely enjoyable, becoming a member of STICA is invaluable for the intangible benefits you and your family will receive. The opportunities to network within the Indian American community and build lasting friendships, to be recognized as a group for the value and diversity we bring to the local community, and celebrate our culture and background is something we are extremely fortunate to have.

Generations of children have passed through STICA. Participation begins during the pre-school years and continues through their high school year. If there is one thing we have learned from our many years, it is that STICA’s greatest benefit is to our children. While we, as adults, may never forget our culture, it is our duty to pass along this knowledge to future generations. STICA provides a safe environment for kids to meet, learn about the history and culture of India, and adopt all the positives of our great Indian culture. Furthermore, STICA provides opportunities for our children to lead programs, participate in community service, and perform on stage.

Come join our community! We cannot wait to meet you!

Membership Details

Membership fee is $10 per person.


  • Members 18yrs will get to vote for STICA board members.

  • Discounted rate at all STICA events. Discounted rate will be published just before the event.

  • Kids 7yrs get free pass to all STICA events.

  • Free admission to the entertainment program in all STICA events.

  • An advanced email notification for all STICA events and non STICA events in the community.

  • A sense of belonging and community.


  • You will have to pay the full price at all STICA events. Prices will be posted on our website prior to the event.

  • You will have to pay the membership fee to participate in any STICA events.

Members and Non-Members:

  • Members and nonmembers shall provide their full name , address, phone number, and email address if available at the time of registration.

For further Membership information or questions - please email:


The link below will take you to a Membership Information Form. Please fill out ALL FIELDS

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STICA Signature Events Information

Spring Fest (March/April)

Spring Fest is an annual event that we have in order to celebrate the onset of Spring / Summer, welcome community members who are new to the area, showcase local talent in a vibrant entertainment line-up, enjoy dinner together and then break a leg in an open dance floor.

India Day (August)

Provides a first-hand experience of the rich Indian cultural heritage, while also celebrating the shared values between India and the U.S.

This is an outdoor event at the Centerway Square and Centennial Park in Corning, NY, with sumptuous Indian food, snacks, cultural entertainment and many fun activities for children.

Diwali (October/November)

Marks the Festival of Lights, a holiday celebrated all over India. It's a great time for friends and families to get together and enjoy a delicious Indian dinner along with a variety entertainment program featuring local talent.

STICA Sponsored Program(s) Information

Adopt a Highway

STICA members have adopted ~2mile stretch of Interstate-86 (between exits 49 and 51). In the spirit of giving back to the community, STICA volunteers support the Highway Department by picking up trash along this portion of the highway twice a year.

STICA members generously give back to the local community through organized programs for volunteering and donating to local food banks, the Salvation Army, Relay for Life, etc.